Affiliate network from
media buyers — for
media buyers!

The first true affiliate network with a full cycle of assistance to our affiliates.
Our goal is a long-term cooperation based on trust, assistance in work
processes and increasing the results of teams of all levels.

Services we provide

The current sweepstakes market is taking up a lot of time that could have been spent on more useful things. We at Sweeply try to help each of our teams by taking over many routine tasks such as:

Help in creating unique funnels

With a lot of experience in CC-submits we have tried many working funnels and have kept only the most successful ones that we recommend to our affiliates.

Staff developer

We value the time of our affiliates and that's why we have experienced front-end developers who are ready to help you in creating conversion prelanders in any quantity you need! It's absolutely free for our affiliates.

Help with FB accounts

For teams that want to scale but have problems with bans, we offer quality FB accounts with payment terms in the form of % of costs. These accounts are the ones used by our in-house media buying department

24/7 support

We always stay in touch with our teams around the clock, and are ready to support them even in the midst of the biggest holidays, seriously.

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Analytics & data

Due to our many years of experience in sweepstake niche, we know very well that the key to success is constant testing of new adverts and geos, as well as daily analysis of data on the stability of their work. All this information we are happy to provide to our affiliates, which minimizes their expenses on tests, because they don't need to manually look through dozens of adverts and geos to get highest EPC.


We are more interested in scaling the traffic of our teams than anyone else, so one of our advantages is the speed of individual task fulfillment from our affiliates. Any request from technical to operational will be processed as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

Landing Pages

For teams of all levels, we'll provide examples of actual webpages that work in the current market realities. We can also help you create them free at any time.

Private offers

We understand like nobody else the importance of filling the market with new offers to maximize our affiliates' profits, so we often help to create and package these offers into different markets for our affiliates.

For Affiliates

For young teams we provide the best service in support, and detailed tips and tricks on the market that will help you launch your new CC sweepstakes vertical as quickly, efficiently and profitably as possible.

And for more experienced teams, we offer help in analyzing current trends in converting geo, creating unique private offers, as well as diversifying advertisers to maximize EPC and much more!

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Why Us?

As a single-focused vertical network we have several advantages over other networks such as:

10+ years

Being in affiliate marketing


Direct CC advertisers

60+ GEO’s

From Tier1 to Tier3 for teams of varying skill levels

Our mission

Being affiliates ourselves we have faced a lot of problems for a long time, so we know all the pains of teams and that's why the idea of Sweeply was born. We are not typical Monday-Friday affiliate network, we are market trendsetting and professionals who are the best partner for teams to reach the goal of maximizing their profits.

Everyone in our niche knows these pains:

Lack of understanding of working with fb and launch/optimization trends

Long periods of non-response from managers, and poor competence

Lack of relevant examples of offers for launching new and very young teams

Lack of initiative to help teams

With our systematic approach, a smart junior media-buyer becomes a senior.

And with our huge expertise&analytics smart senior becomes an owner of his own media-buying team.